Phototherapy is a patented system that uses photography to boost self-esteem and reveal one’s sexuality. It is a tool to get inspiration by yourself and to fall in love with yourself.

What is the core of phototherapy?

Photo-session that is made by photo-artist, who feel and see uniqueness and beauty of every person she works with. After photo-session client also start seeing himself in a NEW image. Thereby new feelings and perception of himself are discovered. This help to eradicate prejudices and false beliefs about himself.

5 things that are changing by phototherapy:

  1. Person relaxes, new sense of his personality awakes
  2. Appearance of softness instead of rejection. Person embraces who he really is
  3. Reevaluation of own characteristics
  4. Forcing to feel own uniqueness
  5. Forward attention to new self-perception discovered in the work process

There is a huge universe in every one of us. Photo-artist feel it and make model to see it too. Gentle phototherapy-system approach to every person facilitates their frankly opening and “blooming” – photos catch these moments and become visual proofs of the awesome universes of participants. After meeting the “new” confident and beautiful HERSELF on photos person breaks her old self-image.

People today have a lot of:

  • Problems with being themselves
  • Problems with self-esteem
  • Problems with accepting and loving themselves

So many people are UNHAPPPY and DON’T FEEL THEIR VALUE.

Goal of phototherapy – to reveal personality by visual perception of herself.

Mission  – to inspire person by herself

More than 1800 clients became self-beloved, free of complexes and fears

Our clients:

  • Women in after-divorce period, depression, fears of the self-expression (postpartum depression, long-term housewives, looking for themselves)
  • Business lady – permanent stress, absence of the relax
  • All age women with different complexes and physiological injuries
  • All age men with complexes, fears, physiological traumas
  • We’ve got a tradition – to invite 1 person who cannot afford phototherapy course but really need it for free. Because we strongly want to improve this world
  • Cooperation with the narcological medical center Renaissance in Ukraine – rehabilitation of the teenager groups (post alcohol and drug addiction)
  • TV plots on Ukrainian top-channels: M1, Novyi, 1+1 , BBC Ukraine, English UTR, Tonis, Inter, IcTV, Zazazoo tv, Ut1


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