I was born in 1986, 22nd of January in Siberia. It was a frosty morning, more colder than usual, -48ºc.The Ukrainian that was born in USSR, grew up in an independent Ukraine and at the age of 27 moved to Amsterdam.

In 1991 my family moved to Kiev where I grew up and study. The artistic and kind Kiev with film festivals, actors and people connected to art, musical and treater schools, photo clubs and university of marketing and advertisement made my focus sharp – I decided to be a photographer.

My first camera was Zenit ET. After the first photos I recognized that I want to keep this magic till the end of my life. Photography thought me how to look inside a heart, to have a dialog in silence, to see the deepness of every person and how to see beauty somewhere when nobody else can see it. From my childhood I was connected to art and to people. I’m still amazed how beautiful and different people are, with theirs passion, love and life stories, with their hidden sadness, dreams and fears. I was involved in the world of beauty thanks to my granny; she was always designing lovely dresses even at the age of 80.
Grandfather’s house was filled with hand-painted artistic porcelain, all this beauty was coming from all over the USSR to my grandfather, who was the president of porcelain industry in Ukraine.

At the age of 19 I was engaged with photography. Time passed and after 12 years we are still together. In my 24s I wrote and patented a method based on my observations called – “Photo-therapy as a means of female self-cognition”, this method helps women to raise their self-esteem, femininity and sexuality through photography.

There are no un-photogenic people for me – all people are beautiful, each person with his or her own heart, deepness and views. Beauty is a state of consciousness and not just a lucky accident. My profession is like travelling through different worlds, with every single person as a single world, that’s why I never get bored with my profession and that is why I love portraits and stories. My favourite muse and model is a person with own inner world, passion, love, desires and dreams, even with fatigue or fears, the person like you and me.

When I was 27 I felt in love with Amsterdam and decided to move and to live in the city of freedom, gentle herring and art crossroads.

Sincerely Yours,
Marfa Vasilieva

Creator and developer of a patented methodology of work with women «Photo-therapy as a means of female self-cognition», rising of self-esteem, disclosure of femininity and sexuality through photography. The project was initiated in 2011.

Individual work with people – more than 3000 personal photoshoots.



2006 – Collage/Decollage with Alina Kapitsa, Kiev
2007 – Marfa Vasilieva – display of photographs, Kiev
2012 – Headsprings, photo exhibition, Kiev
2013 – Fairy Tales – display of paintings, Amsterdam
2014 – 7 Madonnas of Maydan, online photo exhibition, project about revolution in Ukraine in 2013,
2015 – Cloud Photo Group Show, Cloud Gallery, photo exhibition, Amsterdam
2016 – — collaboration with Japanese artist Yoshiyasu Tamura, photo exhibition represented in July in Tokyo;
2016 – Colourful Universes — photo exhibition, Amsterdam;
2017 – — collaboration with Yoshiyasu Tamura, photo works represented in NAKANOJO Biennale, Gunma, Japan;
2017 – Marfa’s World — exhibition of Marfa’s drawings, music and poetry in Japan, Gunma