Marfa Vasilieva

Ukrainian artist, born in Siberia USSR, grew up in Kyiv, Ukraine, and now based in Amsterdam.

Marfa’s practice focuses on the study of female sexuality and self-identification through photography.

Marfa studied International marketing and advertising at the International Academy of Personnel Management in Kiev. Her diploma work included research by John Ogilvy for the company Dove. The subject of the study was women’s self-esteem. Dove asked the same questions to women around the world: “Do you consider yourself attractive, sexy? etc.” At the same time, Marfa was engaged in photography. Dove’s research influenced the artist’s interest in self-acceptance and body positivity.

Participant of the Japanese Biennale 2017, creator and developer of a patented methodology of work with women «Photo-therapy as a means of female self-cognition»


Educated as a marketer; self-taught artist, photographer, painter, illustrator, photo-therapist. Summer School – Human Academy L’ecole Japonaise De Manga, Anime, MANGA, Angouleme 2016 2017 – Atelier of Yoshiyasu Tamura, studying drawing and painting. Mixed technique of Japanese and Italian traditional painting. Gunma, Japan.



  • Marfa’s World – exhibition of drawings, music and poetry in Gunma, Japan
  • Takamagara project – photo project made in collaboration with Japanese painter Yoshiyasu Tamura, NAKANOJO Biennale, Gunma, Japan


  • Takamagara project – photo project made in collaboration with Japanese painter Yoshiyasu Tamura, photos were represented in July at FUMA CONTEMPORARY TOKYO – BUNKYO ART on the exhibition IKON-TAKT, Tokyo, Japan –


  • CLOUD PHOTO GROUP SHOW – Cloud Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands


  •  7 Madonnas of Maydan – online-exhibition about revolution in Ukraine


  • Fairy Tales – display of paintings, R.U.A., Bijlmer, Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Collage/DE college – with Alina Kapitsa, Kiev, Ukraine



  • TAKARAZUKA University in Tokio –  Lecture on how to create our value and branding in the international art world in the future. Japan.




  • OnBeat vol 06 – Bilingual Magazine for Art and Culture from the Edge of the East NAKANOJO BIENNALE Art Works

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