Marfa Vasilieva


Ukrainian photo artist, born in USSR, grew up in an independent Ukraine and is now based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Marfa’s practice focuses on the documentation of real contemporary events. She seeks to tell the story of our time through symbolic pictures. Her photography illustrates the truth, beauty, and depth of human emotion through thoroughly planned compositions.

Creator and developer of a patented methodology of work with women «Photo-therapy as a means of female self-cognition», rising of self-esteem, disclosure of femininity and sexuality through photography.



  • Breaking fragility – Dordrecht Museum, a group show of the Galatea Art Prize winners. Public favorite award
  • Kunst RAI – Takamagahara project – Collaboration with Yoshiyasu Tamura – KYAS ART SALON


  • Motanka – photo, video, and documentary project with 100 Ukrainian women refugees and 20 Dutch people about Ukrainian culture, the war in Ukraine, and the tragedy of separated families. Motanka is a sacral doll 5000 years old, that was found in the Chernihiv region in Ukraine and symbolizes the connection with kin and roots. Motankas are ancient family talismans. Symbol of goodness, prosperity, and hope. The project included a scene with gratitude to the Netherlands. The project was initiated in Amsterdam in November 2022 and still is in progress.
  • Group exhibition “all stars” KYAS ART SALON, Amsterdam Netherlands
  • Kunst RAI – Breaking Fragility Series – KYAS ART SALON


  • Breaking Fragility – Feminine project with 63 Ukrainian women of different ages and body types gathered in one space. This project, although unintentional, was therapeutic for many of the women who participated. Kiev, Ukraine


  • Marfa’s World – an exhibition of drawings, music and poetry in Gunma, Japan
  • Takamagara project – a photo project created in collaboration with the Japanese artist Yosiyasu Tamura, NAKANOJO Biennale, Gunma, Japan


  • Colorful Universes – photo exhibition, September – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Takamagara project – a photo project created in collaboration with the Japanese artist Yoshiyasu Tamura, photographs were presented in July at FUMA CONTEMPORARY TOKYO – BUNKYO ART at IKON-TAKT, Tokyo, Japan –


  • Art Zaanstad, Art Fair, represented 3 photos in collaboration with Nissim Men, Zaandam, Netherlands
  • CLOUD Photo group show– Cloud Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • 7 Madonna Maidan – an online exhibition about the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, Presented in G13 gallery, Kiev, Ukraine


  • Fairy Tales – painting exhibition, R.U.A., Bijlmer, Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Exhibition “Shamans”, Kiev Ukraine


  • Display of photographs, gallery “Baboon” Kiev, Ukraine


  • Collage/DE college – collaboration with Alina Kopytsa, gallery Time, Kyiv, Ukraine

Artist talks


  • TAKARAZUKA University in Tokyo, Lecture: “how to create our value and branding in the international art world in the future. Japan.



  • OnBeat vol 06 – Bilingual Magazine for Art and Culture from the Edge of the East NAKANOJO BIENNALE Art Works



  • Atelier of Yoshiyasu Tamura, studying drawing and painting technics. Mixed technique of Japanese and Italian traditional painting. Gunma, Japan


  • Human Academy L’ecole Japonaise De Manga, Anime, MANGA Summer School in Angouleme, France.


  • Self-taught artist, photographer, painter, illustrator, photo-therapist.


  • International marketing and advertising, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. Master Degree. Kiev Ukraine.