Marfa Vasilieva

7 Madonnas of Maydan​

7 Madonnas of Maydan is the project about Ukraine and Euromaidan.

About its pain and desire to live.

The lovesome, pleasant, kind-hearted and always hospitable land, which never once in its history was bloodthirsty, the land filled with love for its sky, its songs, its wheat and its labour.

In spring it listens to the humming of May beetles, and in August rejoices with its crops of golden wheat.

A profound nation with strong ethnicity, with its own song and with love for its land. Ukraine…  –  the rich granary and the loving Mother. 

My Ukraine, my land, fire and water, the legends of Cossacks, the traditions and grandmother’s songs.

Our people and their hearts. If you look deep into history, you will see how many times others wanted to conquer, burn, bring her down and suppress her spirit…

The sounds of bandura and reed-pipe, warbles of nightingales in warm summer days… My Ukraine… Ever persecuted for being simple and humane.                     

The revolution which has befallen us like a giant storm, has also unveiled the truth for many people.

The deaths, and the passionate striving of the fallen… with faith in the future…

The time which has brought to this nation a new vision and new views.

The time which, despite its cruelty and desperation, has awaken the Humanity, the feeling that we are not immortal, and that the country we live in is not a junk-yard.

We are alive, and we want to be heard, we want to live a good life, like humans, without being treated like cattle.

A war can present nothing but death. We are made from fire and water, wind and land – the nation being like love in its essence.  

7 Madonnas of Maydan are the 7 incarnations of today’s Ukraine – 7 Madonnas are the 7 names and 7 words, and these words contain a message for this world: a Growing-up Generation will triumph over Anxiety and Desperation, because Faith in Humanity is ImPerishable.

The nation has rapidly gained a new vision and definition, came out and said unanimously: we don’t want to live that way! We want a new way, we want to participate, we want to live and raise our children in a calm and favourable country. The nation said “We want!”, and came out to Maydan. The humanity and the power of the moment overwhelmed the whole world, and we thank all the people who wished well for us, and to all maydans in other countries in our support. A war must not become a usual thing, chaos and consumer attitude bring destruction. People forget the simple truths and ramble aimlessly among pseudo-values… 

    1. Madonna of Growing-up.

Childhood is the blessed time; as children we feel the safety of the world, its width and infinite space of goodness and happiness. In the world with military actions, the childhood ends very soon. It simply cannot exist anymore, and we have to grow up too fast, without even hoping for the precious moments of returning to our previous state. The children are forced to grow up, in such situation – the revolution, being on the threshold of civil war and then – war with fraternal nation. Madonna of Growing-up symbolizes Ukraine, which understands clearly that the childish games are over, and the time has come to grow up quickly and vigorously, to be revived and recreated.

    1. Madonna of the Generation.

The Mother, the motherland, the land itself, the love and the ever-changing generations – they all want the same. They want peace and happiness for their children. Madonna of the Generation is the Mother who gives birth to everything new, and she symbolizes Ukraine which gives birth to new people. Right now the victory may be in someone else’s hands, but tomorrow a new day will come, together with a new generation, which will make its mark – with its talents, wits, right decisions and victories, without bloodshed and deceit… This generation is growing with every day, absorbing new traits. Everything is not like before, we are growing bigger and comprehend more.

    1. Madonna of Anxiety.

I bear you with songs, with love and smile, I’m waiting for your birth and I love you from the moment I came into this world. But I fell afraid for this world you will come into, and I’m scared, anxious and restless. Whatever changes, I wish there was no war. Madonna of Anxiety symbolizes all Ukrainian mothers-to-be, loving and caring, but anxious ad afraid.

    1. Madonna of Desperation.

Madonna of Desperation symbolizes a human deadlock in harsh and severe conditions. She is like Ukraine, with nothing left to do but to sell herself.

    1. Madonna of Faith.

There is nothing eternal in our world, everything changes and falls apart; the oil is flowing away, the greed wins over common sense, and only Faith in Humanity and the path of light helps us survive the hardest moments. Madonna of Faith weeps with diamonds, with the so-called luxury. But what is luxury without humanity? Only ashes and dust in the wind, only an ephemeral yearning. Madonna of Faith symbolizes the tears of Ukraine, a nation that was burned, beaten, enslaved and abused – she weeps from the great of the nation, but still has faith in the Light. And when so many people wish and strive – wishes come true.

    1. Madonna of Humanity.

Humanity is a great sense, it unites all hearts in this world, turning them into one pulsating something. This something perceives others as itself, and accepts any slap in the face, because it understands that a slap  is necessary for the one who slaps, and was caused by his heartache, anguish and unexpressed pain. Rage is the form of expression for people who were not loved enough, who feel so much pain that they turn it into a wave of tyranny and hatred. Ukraine has experienced Humanity on Maydan. People, come to your senses! We are losing Humanity, the first and the last thing that can unite us all. Death and destruction must never become a habit.

    1. Madonna of Perishability.

The inflation, Dollars, Hryvnias, Euro, Roubles, the Crimea, the oil, the gas, the war… When resources become the goal, a single human becomes invisible, sinking in such quicksand, without the right to choose, and sinking even deeper until, sooner or later, he perishes. The world is transitory and perishable, and some day or other we will not be alive – and what do we kill for? For ashes and dust? Why don’t we value the life and the moments of truth in the smile of a loved one? Why do we need the economic war, a game of monopoly, making someone bankrupt just to feel superiority? Big game – big players. Madonna of Perishability symbolizes Ukraine – she is just a pawn in the big game with big players, and at what price?

Euromaidan Ukrainian: Євромайдан,  was a wave of demonstrations and civil unrest in Ukraine, which began on the night of 21 November 2013 with public protests in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kiev.

The protests were sparked by the Ukrainian government’s decision to suspend the signing of an association agreement with the European Union, instead choosing closer ties to Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union.

The scope of the protests soon widened, with calls for the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovych and his government.

 The protests were fueled by the perception of “widespread government corruption“, “abuse of power”, and “violation of human rights in Ukraine“.

Transparency International named President Yanukovych as the top example of corruption in the world.

The situation escalated after the violent dispersal of protesters on 30 November, leading to many more protesters joining.

The protests led to the 2014 Ukrainian revolution.